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Meet Erin

Erin Daly is a Florida Assistant State Attorney in the 5th Judicial Circuit at the Hernando County Courthouse in Brooksville.  Currently the “Special Victims” Prosecutor, Erin has helped many victims in Hernando County find justice over her 15 years of service.


Erin was asked to consider running for judge because of her longtime courtroom experience, knowledge of the law, fairmindedness, strong values and integrity.

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Growing up in a law enforcement family, Erin became a court officer (bailiff) in Brooklyn Supreme Court at 19 years old.  She very quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant, serving in uniform for 17 years.

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Erin was on duty at the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn on 9/11 when the terrorist attacks occurred at the World Trade Center.  In her uniform, Erin, a trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), assisted in evacuating lower Manhattan, guiding the wounded to triage as they fled lower Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The following day, Erin volunteered to participate in the massive search and recovery operation and continued at Ground Zero throughout the ensuing weeks on special assignment to the Office of Emergency Management.

Erin attended John Jay College and Brooklyn Law school at night while working full-time as a court officer.  She was in law school and interning at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office when her beloved father, Jim, needed a liver transplant.  Juggling a difficult schedule, Erin donated over half of her liver in a living donor transplant, giving him 13 more years of life.


For the last 15 years, Erin has been prosecuting serious felonies involving crimes against children, rapists, murder cases, and other violent offenders. She has taken over 50 cases to jury trial and resolved thousands more with dispositions including many life-in-prison sentences. Erin is honored to receive a Distinguished Service Award by the Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency.


​Erin is a member of numerous Anti-Crime Task Forces, including those working against Domestic Violence, Internet Crimes against Children, Human Trafficking, and Sexual Violence. She volunteers her time and efforts to numerous non-profit organizations and charities. 


Erin has a lifelong curiosity for learning new things.  She has abundant continuing legal education hours and cares deeply about sharing her acquired knowledge. Erin has held training classes for local prosecutors and law enforcement officers and has lectured at professional law enforcement seminars.


Erin also has a focus on youth mentorship and internship, to help shape our county’s future great legal minds. Erin has been a volunteer instructor at Youth Court for 15 years.  Many of her interns and protégés have gone on to successful legal careers and still count on Erin as a mentor.


Erin has wisdom, compassion and is clearly a woman of Integrity. She is fair-minded and treats everyone with respect.  Erin will see that cases move quickly through the court system. Most importantly, ERIN DALY KNOWS THE LAW.  Erin will listen to testimony intently and closely review each case and will use the RULE OF LAW to make her legal decisions.

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