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Meet Erin

Erin Daly’s remarkable journey through the legal landscape spans over 35 years, during which she has left an indelible mark on the courtroom. As a Florida Assistant State Attorney in the 5th Judicial Circuit, she dedicated over 16 years to serving victims and ensuring justice within the state.


Her expertise extends across various legal domains, including family, criminal, and probate matters, both as a prosecutor and a private attorney.

Erin Daly with family, dad in uniform

Erin’s qualifications for a judicial role are impressive. Her longstanding courtroom experience, deep knowledge of the law, unwavering fair mindedness, and commitment to strong values and integrity make her a compelling candidate. But her journey began even earlier—growing up in a law enforcement family, Erin became a court officer (bailiff) at the Brooklyn Supreme Court when she was just 19 years old. Her rapid ascent to the rank of Sergeant, and her nearly 17 years of service in uniform exemplifies her dedication.

Erin Daly Police photo

On the fateful day of 9/11, Erin was on duty at the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn when the terrorist attacks struck the World Trade Center. Clad in her uniform, she played a critical role in evacuating lower Manhattan, assisting the wounded as they fled across the Brooklyn Bridge. In the following days and weeks, Erin volunteered for the massive search, rescue and recovery operation at Ground Zero, serving on special assignment to the Office of Emergency Management.

Erin Daly Headshot

Erin’s pursuit of knowledge continued as she attended John Jay College and Brooklyn Law School at night while working full-time as a court officer. Her commitment to her father, Jim, led her to donate over half of her liver in a living donor transplant, granting him 13 more years of life. She is married to Bill, her loving husband and has helped raise 4 amazing children. As an Assistant State Attorney in Hernando County, Erin prosecuted serious felonies, including crimes against children, rapists, and murderers. She took over 50 cases to jury trial and resolved countless others, often resulting in life-in-prison sentences.

Her community involvement is equally commendable. Erin has participated actively in Anti-Crime Task Forces, addressing issues such as Domestic Violence, Internet Crimes against Children, Human Trafficking, and Sexual Violence. Her volunteer efforts extend to non-profit organizations and charities, earning her recognition from The White House for her hurricane relief work.

Erin Daly Winning an Award

Erin’s passion for learning drives her to accumulate abundant continuing legal education hours, which she generously shares through training classes for prosecutors and law enforcement officers. Her legal presentations benefit medical professionals, citizens, and volunteers alike. As a mentor, she shapes the future legal minds of her county, volunteering as an instructor at Youth Court for 15 years and presiding over annual Homeschool Circle Mock Trials.


In summary, Erin Daly embodies wisdom, compassion, and unwavering integrity. Her fair-minded approach ensures swift case proceedings, and her deep understanding of the law guides her decisions. ERIN DALY KNOWS THE LAW, and her commitment to justice is unwavering.

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